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Alan Zweibel and Ferne Pearlstein
Gilbert Gottfried & Ferne Pearlstein
Tribeca FF Red Carpet Premiere
Tribeca FF World Premiere
Renee Firestone & Elly Gross
Judy Gold

Entertaining, thought-provoking...Pearlstein’s very deft assembly manages to raise all these ideas and others for viewer consideration while underlining that there are few, if any, definitive responses to them.


Director Ferne Pearlstein [explores] not only the limits of humor and free speech today, but how Shoah victims and survivors used humor as a salve, defense mechanism and weapon despite their powerlessness.    


Pearlstein's film doesn't only examine the issue from those with a microphone, but through Holocaust survivors who add a deeper dimension to the film: humor as a necessary survival tool. … By seeking humor in the darkest dark, The Last Laugh gets at the intrinsic nature of comedy.


Entertaining and deeply philosophical.


Digs into what we define as humor in an

increasingly PC time. 


Funny and sobering at the same time.


Reveals….the intensely personal nature of what people find funny….It doesn’t downplay the tragedy behind the comedy.


Entertaining and wrenching….The Last Laugh received a standing ovation at its star-studded Tribeca premiere.


The best part about the documentary is getting to listen to these funny people talk about all of these issues….That alone is worth the price of admission.


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